Two Sandwiches….

One fabulous + One okay…

I didn’t really plan lunch today because I had a lunch meeting at work….lunch turned out to be….The “Okay” Sandwich….


Boxed lunch with a ham and cheese on white bread, chips, apple, and 2 cookies….and I was really hungry! I realized that I so rarely have white bread that it tasted really odd, but again, I was really hungry so I gobbled up the ham and cheese…I also had half the bag of chips, the apple, and one cookie…not the healthiest lunch, but since I hadn’t planned ahead…that is what I ended up with….and it WAS free so I can’t complain too much!

I had a busy, but good afternoon. My co-worker Dawn, and I taught a community diabetes education class at our wellness center. We’ve been seeing more and more patients without insurance and unable to come to our diabetes management program, so we created a mini-Diabetes Survival Skills course to help people with the basics of self-care and nutrition for diabetes. We had 60 people attend and it was rewarding to help them as much as possible.

This evening, when I got home, I was craving avocado….so I made a quick, homemade guacamole and Anthony and I enjoyed it with some multi-grain chips before dinner…


And, for dinner, I made my second sandwich of the day….The “Fabulous” Sandwich….


I don’t have bacon that often, but last weekend when my sister and brother-in-law were visiting, I bought bacon for breakfast…so I decided a couple days ago that I needed to use up the leftover bacon….I love BLTs, so dinner tonight was a BLTAO (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, red onion) on double fiber bread with sweet potato fries and roasted broccoli….simple and perfectly delicious!

It is 9:23 as I type…if you read my earlier post- you saw that I have been a little sleep-deprived for the last few days…my goal is to be snuggled into bed at 10:00 for a full 8 hours tonight….I need my sleep…don’t we all?

Goodnight! Sleep well!


10 responses to “Two Sandwiches….

  1. Oh, the fabulous sandwich sounds and looks awesome!

    I hope you’ll be able to catch up on your sleep. I agree getting enough sleep is soooo important (and hard to do with a toddler…).

  2. Wow that looks soooooo yummy.

  3. There’s nothing better than home-made guac! Looks fab!

  4. That sandwich looks great, and I love the sweet potato fries! I hope you get a good night’s sleep. I need to get up to bed pretty soon, too.

    Have a great (and restful!) night 🙂

  5. I’m also sleep deprived. The traveling has threw my schedule off. Glad to know you got to bed at a reasonable time tonight. Please get some rest for all of us!

  6. Wow, that IS a fabulous looking sandwich! So versatile and full of health.

    It’s funny, I haven’t had white bread in so long, and I think the reason why I hate it so much is because it sticks to the roof of my mouth! Do you ever notice that?? IT’s wierd, it gives me a great excuse not to eat it. OF course, if I have to eat it, I will, it’s not going to kill me, and it’s a nice change every once in a while.

  7. sandwich #2 DOES look fabulous!

  8. Oh I leeerrrrrve avocado, particularly in the form of guacamole or on a sanbo! Yum! 🙂

  9. I totally can’t go back to whites anymore!! There is no taste! I know, because I just bought 3 boxes of white spaghetti 😦 I’m a little confused though because the nutritional value was actually slightly better for those!!

  10. I love that you added avocado and red onion to the BLT! That sounds like an awesome combo!

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