Busy Day

Good evening! I hope you have had a great Monday…I’ve been non-stop since I left home this morning….I love my job…but I’m lucky I don’t have long days like this too often….

This morning, I taught a gastric bypass pre-surgery nutrition class…and then I grabbed a quick lunch…my sweet husband made me an egg salad sandwich and I had some cheddar veggie chip crumbles with it…you know, I realized that I had never had an egg salad sandwich before today….is that weird? It was really good (and quick, which I needed today)…


And, I was excited to trim some fresh herbs from our Aerogarden to use in a cooking demo for weight loss class tonight…I had basil, globe basil, parsley, oregano, and cilantro…


This afternoon, I had more of our awesome Golden pineapple as a snack at my desk…delicious!


I did a couple of individual nutrition consults for diabetes this afternoon, then boot camp, then weight loss class. My great co-worker and friend Heather had done all of the prep and planning and I was there to help with a grilling cooking demo for our weight loss class tonight. Heather did such a great job planning and organizing everything….I’ll post the recipes later in the week. We started with bruschetta on grilled whole grain bread, then we made these delicious portobello burgers….


And, we grilled some chicken breasts in a wonderful lemon dill marinade…and some grilled apples and pears for dessert….I had a little bite of each course…


What a fun way to teach our class that eating healthy can also be delicious!! Fun night- but, man was I tired and so happy to be home…It was after 8:30 when I got home and my amazing husband had this lovely dinner waiting for me….cheese ravioli with marinara and garlic bread with pesto….


And, a yummy salad…


I feel a little disconnected from the blog world…I haven’t gotten to check in with any of you today…but, don’t worry, tomorrow I will catch up…can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

Goodnight, I have to teach Sculpt at 6 am, so I am hitting the bed…Sleep well!


8 responses to “Busy Day

  1. What a busy Monday! Great husband to make you a yummy lunch and dinner! 🙂

    The portobello burgers look and sound delicious! I can’t wait for the recipe…

  2. Wow, you had a busy day! I still think it’s really cool that you have an herb garden– I got some basil plants the other day, and I’m excited to grow my own!

    Those portobello burgers look so good, and I love the grilled apples and pears! I wish I had a grill.

    Have a great night!

  3. what a sweet hubby you have! Everything looks yummy…especially those grilled fruits!!

    hope you have a great day tomorrow…less hectic than Monday!

  4. Those portobello burgers look awesome!

  5. angiesappetite

    Thanks, guys!!

    I will get the recipes up in the next couple of days!

    And, Anne, we do have a veggie garden outside…but my herbs are grown inside in our Aerogarden….grows awesome herbs and you don’t have to deal with the bugs!

  6. I love your addition of pesto on your bread- such a great way to get in some healthy fat and flavor! I love pesto!

  7. wow, you’re a crazy gal! But those classes sound like a lot of fun. I would love to start a business and do cooking demonstrations, hands-on classes, meal planning, etc. Do you do the classes through your work, does insurance pay for it? Thanks for any tips!

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