Happy Sunday

Today was a simple day of eats…not the healthiest (I definitely could have used some more fruits and veggies)…but all in moderation.

After church today, we had lunch at a barbeque place that we had never tried before. I had a barbequed chicken sandwich and baked beans…


One great thing about lunch is the portion sizes were really reasonable. The food was great…and my favorite part was the variety of homemade barbeque sauces….I sampled a different sauce on almost every bite of my sandwich!


I loved the sweet sauce…but it was also vinegary which I really like, and I also really liked the mustard.

After lunch, we picked up a newspaper, and came home and settled in for some relaxation and then a nap…I think we slept for over 2 hours…I so rarely get to nap, and I loved every minute of it!

For dinner, we prepared some Red Curry Chicken with veggies over brown rice and whole wheat naan…simple and delish.


Then, we visited Anthony’s parents for awhile, and had a small bowl of rainbow sherbet…yum…hadn’t had that in a while!


I can’t believe the weekend has come to an end. I hope yours was great…time to get ready for a busy week….and my 6-day beach trip countdown is beginning!



3 responses to “Happy Sunday

  1. I’ll be at the beach in July, I am so excited! Have a great day. The barbeq]cue looks great, it’s the best summer treat!

  2. 6 days until the beach?? Lucky you!! What I wouldn’t do to lie on the sand for a few days 🙂

  3. Great, now I want BBQ! I must stop reading your blog in the morning! A BBQ craving at 10am is just not acceptable 😀

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