Fun new place

This place has been around for years, but for some reason I had never been until tonight…


Anthony and I wanted something sort of quick and simple and he suggested Ali Baba – it sort of looks like a dive…but it is so cool inside and the food was great. I had a falafel pita and Anthony had a gyro…both were delicious and so fresh.


They also have a great selection of Middle Eastern foods in their small grocery section…so cool….I will definitely be going back.

I also got a small piece of coconut baklava for my nighttime snack.

Hope you’ve had a great Friday evening. I’m heading to bed. Goodnight!


7 responses to “Fun new place

  1. I have always been curious what was at this place?!Pita looks good!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. What a great discovery! I’m always on the lookout for the neighborhood “cheap eats” that serve quality and healthy foods at reasonable prices.

  3. Your dinner looks soooo good! I haven’t had a falafel in ages… Have a great weekend!

  4. Ooh, the place looks great! I love little grocery stores with food like that.

    Whole Foods is the only place we have in my area (although I’m not complaining!).

  5. Tammye Wright

    I haven’t been there in a long time…. makes me want to go again, I remember I liked their hummus.

  6. LOVE authentic eats! Sometimes the best food comes from the places that don’t fuss over their store front. More time to devote to the cookin!

  7. I love trying out new places, especially “dives” that end up being amazing. The pita looks so good, I haven’t had falafel is such a long time. Have a good one!

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