Awesome Breakfast Combo


I’m so proud of us this morning! Anthony and I hit the gym at 6 am! I am so not a morning person…but the hardest part is just crawling out of a warm, cozy bed…once I’m up, I’m usually so happy…and it feels so good to already have my workout in first thing!

I’m in a hurry to get to work, so I wanted something quick for breakfast…a combo of Kashi Honey Sunshine and Special K with Chocolate really hit the spot! I also added in a spoonful of Naturally More almond butter to add a little protein and healthy fat….along with a yummy cafe latte with hazelnut coffee – delish!


Off and on through the years, I’ve tried to get up early for workouts….sometimes I do it for quite a while…but, I usually come back to the excuse, “I’m just not a morning person!”….but, while I really do like working out later in the day….right now, I’m finding that once my work day is done, there isn’t near enough time to workout, have dinner, spend time with Anthony, have some downtime, relax, laundry, dishes…etc. So, one of my new goals is to really establish a good morning workout routine…which for me, also involves forcing myself to go to bed earlier…since I really am a night owl and naturally seem to have the most energy late at night.

I was inspired by this Gather post by Kath a few weeks ago.

Do you have tips/tricks that help you get up early in the mornings?

Do you prefer to workout early in the day or late?

I’m heading to work! Have a great Friday!


16 responses to “Awesome Breakfast Combo

  1. thank you for commenting a really long time ago! Hahh…sorry, i have been such a horrible blogger lately!!!

    I am NOT a morning person either..but i love when i can make myself go to the gym, and get a good workout in! its like an instant good start to the day!!

  2. I have 2 things. I set the alarm to a song that makes me happy, that way I’m instantly in a good mood when I wake. The other thing I do is, get out of bed immediately when the alarm goes off. It’s a mental signal to wake up….. Goodluck!

  3. Great job for getting to the gym this morning! That can be tough. I don’t really have anything I do to get up early. I just tell myself how good I’ll feel afterwards, and sometimes literally roll out of the bed.
    It’s nice to get a workout done early, but I’m a night owl– so I prefer to workout at night!

  4. Must try the Kashi Honey Sunshine-sounds wonderful!!

  5. I was born a morning person, but I still find that working out first thing is difficult. I enjoy my afternoon workouts so much more than my morning ones. However, I also relish the quiet gym in the wee hours!

  6. Great job on waking up early. I am trying to gather some tips and motivation from your post and comments too!

  7. You go girl for getting up early to work out! When I worked out early in the morning, I’d: lay out my workout clothes (including shoes, hat, iPod, etc), put a bottle of water in the fridge to be nice and cold in the AM, set the coffee pot to automatic, and basically just roll out of bed, brush my teeth, and go!

  8. Hi Angie –
    I usually have to get up at 6am each work day, not by choice mind you. I have to drop BJ off at a bus stop by 7am where he then takes a company shuttle to work. The good thing to come out of this arrangement is that I’m forced to go the gym before work.

    I find that packing my gym and work bags in the car the night before helps make getting out of the house a lot easier.

  9. angiesappetite

    Thanks for the great ideas, guys!

    Brian- love the comment about getting up immediately after the alarm- that is one of my problems…I am the queen of snooze! I have to work on that!

    Menden, totally agree- it is definitely easier if I lay everything out the night before.

    Linda – love the idea of packing my bags in the car the night before…I’ve never done that. And, in a way, it may be nice that you’re “forced” to go to the gym.

  10. merittothecarrot

    GO ANGIE! I always lay my shoes by my bed (w/ socks already in them) so I don’t have any excuses.. haha.. Thanks for the comment! Special K chocolatey delight is one of my favorite desserts haha

    I’ve really wanted to try Naturally More, would you recommend it?

  11. I am not a morning person, even though I have gotten better. I used to get up 20 minutes before I had to leave for work; now it’s at least an hour. That said, I work out in the evenings, but would love to become a morning exerciser, mainly for the same reasons you wrote about. There is some good advice her I might try.

  12. My trick to getting up early in the morning is just to make it a habit…sorry, not much of a help there…but if I get up later than usual, my whole day feels weird! the idea of a delicious breakfast gets me moving, too!
    and I prefer to start off the day with exercise! puts me off in a good mood!

  13. I love my right-before-bed workouts, but too often I get really tired or busy and end up skipping the pm workout. I love working out before work in the mornings- it’s just so hard to pull myself out of bed! My best tip would be to have someone counting on you to work out early. When I had a friend to meet I would HAVE to get out of bed!

  14. If you need Owen to start calling you every morning when he gets up… he can..

  15. eatingwithsally

    I love exercising first thing in the morning, I definitely have more energy and it means it’s over and done with leaving me free for the rest of the day/evening.

    I loved that article by Kath and it’s funny I use that method myself without even realising I was doing so.

    Hope you are having a fabulous Saturday šŸ™‚

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