Happy Memorial Day!

We have had a fun day so far…the weekend has gone by so fast!

Definitely not the healthiest day of eating…but everything in moderation. We spent the morning hanging out with Amy and Dave and the kids….and then we headed out to the lake. We had lunch outside at a cool little restaurant by the marina. Here’s Anthony, Amy, Dave, Owen, and Emma Kate.


I had a salad…


And, my sister and I shared an order of buffalo wings…I had about 5. They were so good!


Owen LOVES going on the boat!


Anthony, Owen, and I swam for awhile, and had a great time…then we headed home…stopping to get ice cream on the way… I had a small chocolate milkshake.

Then, Amy, Dave, and the kids headed out on their hour and a half drive home…and Anthony and I visited his parents for a delicious dinner….grilled chicken, corn, and a yummy salad.


The weekend has gone so fast…I’m going to enjoy the last few minutes, and hit the bed…I have to be up at 5 am to teach a 6 am sculpt class!



One response to “Happy Memorial Day!

  1. Oh wow, you teach gym classes? That’s so cool. I want to do that, hehe. Looks like you had a great day!

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