Family Fun and Poison Ivy!

Happy Sunday! It has been such a busy day, this is the first time I’ve gotten to sit down at the computer.

Anthony and I slept in this morning, and went to brunch at a great restaurant, The Sunspot. They specialize in healthy and vegetarian options and their Sunday brunch is delicious!

Check out the cute and cozy atmosphere….


I had the Black Bean Scramble….eggs, black beans, amazing homemade salsa, homemade avocado relish (delish- it had grapes in it!), sour cream, and these yummy cheesy grits….and delicious coffee! And two tortillas, which I skipped because everything else was so good.


And, I had to snap a shot of Anthony’s plate- it was called Eggs Sunspot- beautiful and delicious! It was served with corn pudding and fresh fruit.


After we left the restaurant,  I realized my arm was itching!…and yesterday I had been planting flowers and pulling weeds! Weeds that I thought could have been poison ivy! Well- I think it got me! Luckily, we made it to the pharmacy and I think I have just what I need to stop it before it gets too bad! After brunch, my sister Amy,  her husband Dave, and niece and nephew came to visit. Amy and Dave went to a wedding tonight, so we entertained the kids, plus my friends Tammye and McKenna came over- so we had a fun but wild night of kids running and playing…it is fun- but Anthony and I aren’t used to so much excitement!

Here’s Owen making Emma Kate laugh….


And, Owen and McKenna….


Dinner was nearly non-existent for me – Anthony grilled some turkey Italian sausage and I had a baked sweet potato…but I didn’t get to eat much….things were just a little too exciting.

We’ve finally got the kids in bed, I think I’m going to go have some cereal…and get ready for bed myself as soon as Amy and Dave get home from the wedding!



3 responses to “Family Fun and Poison Ivy!

  1. Oh wow, that is such an awesome place! And awwwwwhhh, love the pictures!! SOO CUTE!

  2. I’m glad the poison ivy didn’t get too bad! The breakfast looks great! Sounds like a fun, exciting & a bit exhausting day! Get some rest! 🙂

  3. I love Sunspot, it is our usual hangout zone when classes are on!!

    The pictures are so cute!

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