Work + Garden + Shop + Cook + Fun

Good Saturday morning!

I started out with a yummy breakfast to fuel me through my busy day:


One slice of double fiber bread with peanut butter and blackberry jam and a juicy red pear. And, a cup of hazelnut with cream.


Delicious breakfast – I’ve been trying so many different kinds of almond butter, that I almost forgot how much I love peanut butter too!

On my agenda:

  • work for a couple of hours helping with a weight loss surgery seminar (the great thing is that it is at the wellness center, so hopefully I can get a workout in while I’m there)
  • plant flowers at our condo
  • grocery shopping
  • put together a picnic for tonight – I think I’ll make my Black Bean and Veggie Salad…but I need a few more ideas to go with it
  • fun- we’re going out boating for an event called “Rockin’ the Docks” with concerts and fireworks and taking some friends along

Have a great Saturday!

Do you have fun plans for the holiday weekend?


One response to “Work + Garden + Shop + Cook + Fun

  1. Sounds like a full day! That Rockin the Docks event sounds really fun– I hope you have a great time!

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