Abundant veggies

I had a quick lunch of gazpacho (Thanks Tammye and Nancy!) while I chopped veggies for my Black Bean and Veggie Salad. The gazpacho is delicious with Kashi TLC crackers!


I just throw the crackers right in!


I finished the Black Bean salad – it is all set for our boat picnic later tonight!


I love all of the bright colors! That means it is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants (and fiber!)

I’ve had a busy day so far and I have to keep going. I got to take a Body Step class before I left the wellness center which was  a great workout. I’ve done my grocery shopping for the day…prepared some food for our picnic tonight, and now I’m heading over to the condo to plant some flowers. I love working in the garden (EXCEPT for bugs!).

Have a great Saturday afternoon!


3 responses to “Abundant veggies

  1. That’s such a beautiful salad. I’m not a huge fan of gazpacho, but maybe I haven’t given it a good enough chance. We used to have it in high school (I went to a private all girls school and the food was AMAZING), but I really didn’t like their gazpacho. I think the coldness freaked me out. Yours looks fantastic though, I’d like a little sample please 🙂

  2. Oh wow, everything looks so colorful and delicious. I totally love it!

  3. The salad looks yummy, anything colorful is always a winner for me!!

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