Pizza + Plants

Good evening!

Tonight, we wanted something simple…and Anthony suggested pizza. We headed to one of our favorite casual pizza places and ordered a veggie + Italian sausage…it had onions, peppers, mushrooms, black olives, and just a bit of Italian sausage.


I love pizza with a good amount of crushed red pepper. It really hit the spot.


Then, we headed to the garden store to pick up some flowers for our condo. I love flowers.


I bought a condo in 2004 and I loved living there until Anthony and I got married last year and I moved into his (our) house…Right now, however, the condo has been on the market for sale for 8 months and we would love to sell it! It is a really cute place, but the landscaping needs a bit of spiffing up, so we picked up some flowers and tomorrow I’m going over to work on planting them. I love all the options….


After we dropped our choices off at the condo, we came home and worked for a few minutes on our garden. Anthony bought some “cages” for our tomato plants that are growing like crazy. It was getting a little dark, but I want you to see how much our garden has grown.



Look how much they’ve grown since we first planted the garden. And it is too dark to see them, but we have two baby tomatoes! I’m so excited.

I’m going to really try to get into bed at a decent hour tonight. I have to work for a few hours tomorrow morning, but otherwise, I’m looking forward to a fun weekend!



One response to “Pizza + Plants

  1. yay, tomatoes! I know how exciting that can be. I am planning to get some cages for the tomato plants too! They are growing like crazy!

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