Friday Surprise

My friend Tammye dropped by my office this morning with this…it was a thank you for helping with the Weekend Warriors Class last weekend…so thoughtful!


It is always exciting to get a pretty gift bag! But, even more so, when I saw what was inside!


Homemade gazpacho, homemade croutons, homemade protein bars, and a Starbucks gift card!! Does Tammye know me or what? Only some of my favorite things in the world. Tammye’s friend Nancy is a great cook and made the gazpacho, croutons, and protein bars, in fact, I’ve tasted several of her dishes now…and they’re always great. She even does some healthy cooking for some of Tammye’s personal training clients.

Look how great the gazpacho looks!


I’m not sure of Nancy’s recipe, but it tastes really good…and very similar to my Quick and Easy Gazpacho.

Thank you Tammye! Tammye and I used to live together and making a big bowl of gazpacho was a regular event…what a great, delicious way to get your veggies. And, Tammye’s daughter McKenna is one of my very special friends…she was my flower girl at our wedding. Her she is with me, Anthony, and Owen. Are these cute kids or what?

So, on to lunch…I had my presentation on the Economic Costs of Obesity. It went relatively well, and the organizers planned a nice healthy lunch…grilled chicken salad.


Yay! I’m excited that it is the start of a long, holiday weekend! (Unfortunately, I have to work for a few hours tomorrow morning), but I’m looking forward to a little downtime this weekend and catching up on some sleep! In addition to some fun stuff.

Have a great Friday evening!


10 responses to “Friday Surprise

  1. Mmm your Gazpacho recipe looks to die for! I always forget about gazpacho, but it really is super delicious…I’ll have to give your recipe a whirl sometime! 😀

  2. Tammye Wright

    We need to make gazpacho! Such good times!
    Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!!!

  3. that gazpacho looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to try to make a watermelon gazpacho recipe. And protein bars?! How do you make them?? I’m trying all kinds of bar recipes to get the right one. Have a great weekend!

  4. eatlikeahealthcounselor

    What a gorgeous photo of you at your wedding. I also love that you went for a simple bouquet of one coloured flowers like me 🙂 I went for a beautiful simple bouquet of sweet peas!

    I’ve never made gazpacho soup – maybe I’ll have to try your recipe..

  5. Angie – this is a perfect recipe for the summer. I never thought of getting my veggies from gazpacho, but I’ll give it a whirl when I return from vacation. It so’ hot in the Bay Area that it feels like summertime already.

    That’s a beautiful wedding pic.

  6. What a neat gift-and so very thoughtful! The gazpacho looks great 🙂
    Lovely wedding photo!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. That gazpacho looks great!
    Beautiful wedding photo!

  8. The gazpacho looks awesome! It makes me want to make and eat some! 🙂

    What a beautiful wedding picture! Enjoy the weekend! 🙂

  9. angiesappetite

    Thanks, guys! The gazpacho is amazing….and again, it isn’t exactly my recipe…but my recipe is super easy and good!

    Kristen, I’ll see if I can get my hands on the recipe for these protein bars…If not, I’ll post a recipe that I have that is also pretty good…I’ve found that protein bars can be a pretty difficult thing to make well…but I found one recipe that I modified and it turns out pretty good every time- the secret is chocolate! : )

  10. I love good gift bags. Sometimes I like the bag better than the gift!

    Such a cute picture at your wedding!

    Do you ever tape your lectures? I’d love to hear about the economic costs of obesity!!

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