Business Focus


Good morning…Balanced breakfast day 2:

  • double fiber bread (fiber + carbs = energy)
  • crunchy almond butter (protein + healthy fat)
  • pumpkin butter + blueberry preserves (delicious + antioxidants)
  • strawberries (vitamin C + fiber)
  • coffee (delicious!)

Today, my number one priority is finishing a presentation that I am doing for a group of business leaders tomorrow on the Economics of Obesity….I have it mostly completed, but today I need to put the finishing touches on.

Yesterday morning, I talked about the importance of balance in meals and in life. Does anyone else find it difficult to balance your meals….or your life? Sometimes I feel like I’m too busy running from one thing to the next…I need some balance in the form of a nap…or a day off…Where do you need to find balance?

Hope your Thursday is great!


4 responses to “Business Focus

  1. I need to find a better work-life balance, as the old adage goes. To do so, I need to start saying “no or not now” more often to projects, but that’s really hard to do for obvious reasons.

  2. angiesappetite

    Totally agree, Linda!

  3. I need to find balance between fun and work. I always make excuses for not going out with friends because I feel like I need to stay in and get things done. I really need to balance this better, it’s tough.

  4. I’m always searching for balance! Between work, home, my social life, fitness, etc. etc. etc. I think the biggest challenge is to just try to handle things in little pieces, instead of trying to take care of the “whole pie!”

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