Barney + Pumpkin

Good Monday morning! I have a busy day ahead…I started by fueling up with one of my favorite combos:


On double fiber toast with a cup of hazelnut with cream.


On today’s agenda:

  • this morning, teach lap band nutrition class
  • prepare for weight loss class tonight
  • teach boot camp
  • teach Intuitive Eating at weight loss class tonight
  • visit my friend Tammye and her daughter McKenna…Yay!
  • home to watch 24 with my sweet husband

Have a great Monday!


9 responses to “Barney + Pumpkin

  1. Check out my blog today, lady. =]

  2. I finally got some Barney butter this weekend! Looks like you have a very busy day ahead!

    Have a great one!

  3. Oh boy, could you “teach” me Intuitive Eating today??? I sure have been practicing Mindless Eating today 😦

  4. Shoot-I forgot to check for the pumpkin butter.I knew there was something I forgot.Have already put it on my list.
    I loved teaching nutrition-used to take classes for the nurses at the nursing school run by the hospital and also for the medical students(community nutrition).
    Have fun 🙂

    • angiesappetite

      Thanks, Sweta! I think you will really like pumpkin butter – I’ve tried 3 different brands now- Trader Joe’s, Dickinson’s – I got in my regular grocery store, and Dollywood’s brand. Have a great day!

  5. What’s the difference between Barney Butter and Almond butter? I’ve heard so many people talking about it.

  6. wow, busy day!! I’ve never tried barney butter before because I can’t find it anywhere. Do you think it is better than TJ’s peanut butter?

    • angiesappetite

      Kristen- Hey! How are you? Thanks for stopping by! How’s the move going?

      As I wrote below to Gina- I like Barney butter, but I think I actually prefer TJ’s almond butter.

      Have a great day!

  7. angiesappetite

    Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

    Gina- Barney butter is almond butter- its just a specific brand…I think it is very good, but it is quite salty in flavor. The texture is very nice and smooth- I’ve been using it about a week, and while I like it, I think I prefer Trader Joe’s almond butter.

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