Weekend Warrior

Good morning! I’m up bright and early on Saturday morning to get ready for Weekend Warrior Class- my friend Tammye is one of the best personal trainers and aerobics instructors you’ll ever meet – and today she has an outdoor bootcamp style class planned (2 1/2 hours!) from 9 am – 11:30. She had so many people sign up that she needed a little help teaching…so that’s where I come in. I’m getting fueled up right now.


In the bowl:

  • Fage 0%
  • blueberry preserves
  • Kashi U
  • banana

Should be plenty of protein and carbs to fuel me for a long workout. And, of course my coffee.

Hope you have a fun Saturday planned! See you later!


5 responses to “Weekend Warrior

  1. Kashi U is the only cereal I have never tried from Kashi! Boot camp early on a Saturday, sounds like my kind of morning šŸ™‚ Have fun!

  2. It’s the best feeling to wake up and kick some butt, even if it’s one’s own. 2.5 hrs w/ two instructors – that sounds like a very serious boot camp !

  3. Mmmm great morning start!!

  4. Ooh, that sounds like fun! What a great way to start the weekend šŸ˜€

  5. Yay for power breakfasts! Hope you have a great time with the bootcamp.

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