Stacy and Clinton, I need you

Does anyone else LOVE What Not to Wear? I don’t watch it as much lately as I used to, but I caught the last half of an episode tonight and I LOVE Stacy and Clinton…

This morning, I tried a new class from Yoga Download…Yoga for Weight Loss #1. I did the 45 minute class and oh my gosh- was I sweating! Great workout.

Then, I headed out with the goal of finding a new swimsuit…and shopping for a few other summery pieces. For those of you who don’t know me, I am not a shopper. I love cute clothes and I love to dress well, but I HATE shopping….and I really don’t love shopping for swimsuits! However, at the 2nd store, I found a suit- not my dream suit – but we’re going to the beach in a few weeks, so I really needed to find at least one.


And, I think I went into a total of about 7 different stores, tried on probably 25 pieces of clothing…and came home with only this swimsuit, one cute casual t-shirt, and a black cardigan! I needed Stacy and Clinton today!

Out shopping, I stopped by a Juice Shop and fueled up with a combo of mango, guava, and pineapple juice.


And, a couple hours later, a Fuji apple salad from Panera…


And, later this afternoon- after I gave up on shopping, I got my nails and toes done…Woo hoo! It was so nice to relax for awhile. Thank goodness for days off occasionally.

Tonight, Anthony and I visited one of our favorites, La Fiesta. We started with the usual…chips, salsa, and guacamole.


I skipped the margarita tonight….and dinner was a chicken fajita quesadilla – this is one of my favorites….I ate about half.


Tomorrow morning I’m helping my friend Tammye teach a 2 1/2 hour Weekend Warrior outdoor class – sort of a bootcamp with some pilates at the end…should be fun! (Except for when the alarm goes off TOO EARLY in the morning!)



6 responses to “Stacy and Clinton, I need you

  1. Yummy eats! The swimsuit is really cute!

  2. The fuji apple salad is my favorite Panera salad! I also love Stacey and Clinton, in fact I just watched an episode about 20 minutes ago. I love it when the women have curly uncontrollable hair like myself, and Nick gives great advice about how to cut it and style it!

  3. Cute swimsuit-reminded me of the song “Yellow Polka dot bikini”. I guess your hubby will be soon humming the tune 😉

  4. That bikini totally shouts summer time fun!

    My girlfriends and I are talking about taking some boot camp sessions next month. I have no idea what to expect but am looking forward to the instruction.

  5. Haha, I love What Not to Wear. Stacy and Clinton are brilllliant. I wish I had a Panera near me; I keep hearing everyone raving! 😦

  6. The suit is really cute! And I totally need a session with Stacy and Clinton.

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