Mental Health + American Idol

Good afternoon! I am so excited to be home tonight! Today is the only night this week that I don’t have to work or have a work-related event and it is so cool to be home!

Today our hospital had it’s annual Mental Health Fair – basically an opportunity to showcase the psychological/counseling/wellness services our hospital has available….and they try to make it fun and offer some options for a bit of relaxation/stress relief for employees…So, I got to do a hand paraffin dip and a chair massage- it was such a nice break in the day. The organizers really go all out and the theme of the day was Movies, so each booth was set up in a different movie’s them….really cool. They also provided free lunch. (I forget what movie the lunch was themed around…but it was Mexican food). I had a cheese quesadilla triangle, some tortilla chips, beans, and a salad topped with salsa and guacamole. It was really good!


They also had some special guests – Jackie Lee Midkiff is a local high school student who made it to Hollywood this year on American Idol. He didn’t make it to the top 36, but he has a great voice and seemed like a great guy. And, I LOVE listening to live music…so this was so fun for me. He sang 4 or 5 songs and was really great.


Later this afternoon, I nibbled on a few blackberries at my desk.


Now, Anthony’s mowing the lawn, and I’m going to work on some cleaning and laundry (and probably some blog reading too!)

Have a great afternoon!


4 responses to “Mental Health + American Idol

  1. Woo hoo for free lunches!

    Growing up, I always viewed hospitals as a place that provided just routine medical care and surgeries. As an adult, I’m realizing the wide breadth of services available through the hospitals. I’m currently considering joining this stress reduction program that my doctor’s office was promoting, but it cost $200 so I’ll have to really evaluate the program first.

  2. Glad you get to enjoy a relaxing evening. I took a break from thesis writing early today, so I was/am relaxing right along with you! Cheers to Wednesday.

  3. That sounds fun!! Enjoy your night off!

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