Thanks everyone for your great comments on the Intuitive Eating posts….such a great subject….I’ll continue posting thoughts from the book so we can continue the discussion.

I have had a long, busy day today…6 am Sculpt class, busy day at work, awards dinner for work, and then we got home around 9 and I had to catch up on the Biggest Loser finale…what an inspiration all the contestants have been. I was really hoping for Mike to win, but they all did great.

Food for the day: lunch was my favorite chicken caesar from the hospital cafe.


Dinner at the awards banquet included grilled chicken, prime rib with some horseradish sauce, green beans, wild rice, and sugar snap peas…


And, caesar salad #2 for the day, with a bit of a 7-layer salad.


And, about half of this delicious chocolate cake.


I am beat- time to hit the bed. Goodnight!


One response to “Inspiration

  1. Oh my GOD. That chocolate cake looks SO GOOD at 2am in the morning (the current time). If only I were invited to an awards banquet so I could take a break from college student meals. 😛

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