Chobani + Leftovers x 2

HPIM1135I tried some vanilla chobani at my desk this morning- I had tried the blueberry a couple of days ago, and while it was good- to me, it couldn’t compare to Fage. The vanilla was not good to me at all – it just tasted off…so, I probably won’t be buying Chobani again. I’d like to try Oikos if I can find some, but for now, I’ll stick to my favorite Fage.

Today was a busy day at work- a lot of phone calls and emails- so I ate lunch at my desk too….leftover spaghetti and meatballs and garlic roll from Friday night and some delicious blackberries.


This afternoon, I had boot camp – a lot of running, lunges, squats (3 different ways), pushups, pushups with rows, jump rope, biceps, mountain climbers, burpees…abs…Whew!

And then we did a circuit workout with our weight loss class- Fun day, but I am tired now. I got home from work around 8:30 – and Anthony went fishing tonight with a friend, so I threw together another plate of leftovers…tuna steak and some sweet potato fries with a little roasted tempeh…I’ve been wanting to try it, but I just roasted it with a little olive oil…I wouldn’t necessarily recommend- it tasted okay, but really needed a flavorful marinade or sauce…I’m thinking maybe??? Buffalo tempeh?


For 13 grams of fiber and 19 grams of protein per 4 ounce serving….I know there’s something to do to make it taste great!

Thanks for your great comments on my Intuitive Eating post earlier…it is a subject that really speaks to me and I think it can help many people develop a healthier relationship with food….so, stay tuned, and I’ll continue to discuss the principles.

Thanks for reading…Have a great night! Off to watch 24 with Anthony when he gets home- he just called and he had a successful night fishing…he lost count of how many he caught! (Don’t worry- he throws them back in!)

Have a great night! Goodnight!


5 responses to “Chobani + Leftovers x 2

  1. Mmmm delicious. I need to get some blackberries!!
    I used to always watch 24 with my dad!

  2. Yea for Catch and Release!

    I look forward to more of your discussions about the eating principles. I have a girlfriend who has started food journaling and I pointed her to your news clip! I’m starting mine as well, but for now I’m keeping it off-line in my handy notebook. It’s so much easier to keep track of the foods when I can record immediately. I’m already shocked by how many calories I’m consuming!

  3. Angie-have heard so much about Greek yogurt but have not been able to find it here. Is it any different from the regular flavored yogurt-taste and nutrition wise?

    • angiesappetite

      Sweta- Greek yogurt is basically strained yogurt. It is creamier and thicker, and higher in protein. My understanding is that you can strain plain yogurt through a cheesecloth and make it at home- I’ve never tried, though….I love the consistency of it and that it has more protein.

  4. Angie-thanks for the info. Actually we have something similar in India called Shrikand-my mom would hang home made yogurt overnight in a cheese cloth(so that the water would drain out).In the morning she would strain it through the cloth and then add some saffron/cardamom powder along with some sugar.
    If you happen to pass by an Indian store-drop in and pick up a tub,then you can let me know if it’s the same as Greek yogurt!!The best flavour is the Mango shrikand!

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