Don’t look, moms


Just finished wrapping some Mother’s Day gifts…don’t look mom!

So, what did I accomplish from my earlier agenda?

  • lazy time – a little
  • laundry – yes
  • maybe a nap –sort of
  • some kind of workout – walk outside maybe? –not yet -raining most all day
  • grooming Lucy (my 17-year old poodle mix who has decided she no longer likes going to the groomer- this may be interesting!) –halfway
  • maybe Fresh Market- I’m looking for some Barney Butter and I want to try Oikos greek yogurt –yes to Barney, no to Oikos

Overall, it has been a fun, relaxing day. I worked on trimming Lucy’s hair, did some laundry, cleaned a little, and we had a late lunch around 2:00.



Mozzarella and basil pizza on whole-wheat flatbread:


Then, I took a little nap- I don’t think I even fell asleep, but I relaxed in bed for about an hour. After that, I hit the Fresh Market in search of Barney Butter and Oikos yogurt. I got some Barney Butter and they didn’t have Oikos, so I got a couple Chobani instead….let’s see if these can change my mind about my favorite for now, Fage.


Dinner later – we’re going to grill some tuna steaks…and, if we can stay up, we’re going to a movie at 9:45!

Have a great Saturday evening!


4 responses to “Don’t look, moms

  1. Have a blast at the movies tonight! I still need to find some barney butter!!! 😛

  2. Have heard so much about the Greek yogurt-haven’t found it yet.Is it any different from the regular yogurt-taste and nutrition wise?
    BTW,the local grocery(WINCO) where we shop has a little section where you can make your own Peanut Butter and Almond Butter-so,have not tried any brands yet!
    P.S:going grocery shopping now(fingers crossed for the greek yogurt).

  3. Angie, I just wanted to thank you for coming by my blog and reading…and for leaving feedback. It feels really good to know that the words are appreciated.
    happy mother’s day!

  4. angiesappetite

    Thanks, Sharon! Have a good night!

    Sweta- because Greek yogurt is strained, it has a thicker and richer consistency. It is also quite a bit higher in protein. The chobani I had today had 15 grams of protein…my favorite Fage 2% has 17 grams of protein. LOVE the homemade peanut and almond butters! Have a good night!

    Lauren- thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to read more of your blog!

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