Angie Day

Good morning! I hope you slept well and have a great Saturday ahead of you. We went to bed around 11:30 last night, and I woke up feeling refreshed at about 7:30 – I think just about 8 hours sleep is perfect for me. I lounged around in bed until about 8- then got up, made a cup of coffee, and caught up on some blog reading. Then, I did a Yoga Download Hip Opening Flow – a great way to start the day.

When Anthony got up, we had some oats. I had never tried making them with banana, according to Kath’s recipe…but I decided to try today and it was delicious! My mix:

2/3 cup milk

1/3 cup oats

1/2 banana

spoonful of Nutella

spoonful of TJ’s crunchy almond butter


With a delicious cup of Newman’s Own Organic Bold- perfect!

Oh- a couple of day’s ago, I promised a recipe for Honey Bun Cake….check out the recipe here.…courtesy of my friend, Whitney.

I’m so excited because this is the first completely free Saturday we’ve had in weeks….I am planning to do whatever I want today…on the agenda:

  • lazy time
  • laundry
  • maybe a nap
  • some kind of workout – walk outside maybe?
  • grooming Lucy (my 17-year old poodle mix who has decided she no longer likes going to the groomer- this may be interesting!)
  • maybe Fresh Market- I’m looking for some Barney Butter and I want to try Oikos greek yogurt

I hope you have a great Saturday planned! See you later!


3 responses to “Angie Day

  1. Delicious morning start! And have a great Saturday!!! Goo greek yogurt!!!

  2. Good morning Angie! I’m jealous of your Fresh Market trip! I wish we had them out west… if you get some Oikos, stick with the plain- it’s THE best and you usually add your own toppings, no? I’m a little obsessed with it lately and have been using for cooking too. Good luck and have a great saturday!

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