No vampires tonight

What a fun night! Fabulous food, good time with family, and now I can’t wait to crawl into bed!

We had dinner at Altruda’s, a great locally owned Italian restaurant…they say they’re “all about the salad and garlic rolls”….what’s not to like?

We started with a large family-style salad bowl- the salad has onion, mushrooms, beets, chickpeas, cheese and a great homemade vinaigrette….and I had a glass of Cabernet.


For dinner, I had simple spaghetti and meatballs- it was fabulous! I ate about half.


Sorry the photos are so dark, but the restaurant had such a nice dark, cozy, romantic atmosphere.

And, check out these garlic rolls- the photo doesn’t do them justice…they are literally covered in chopped garlic and swimming in melted garlic butter – SO worth it! I had 2.


Hope you had a great Friday night…we get to sleep in tomorrow and I am so excited!



5 responses to “No vampires tonight

  1. Happy weekend to you! Lucky you get to sleep in. We wake up early on Saturdays to go running with my group and then spend the morning catching up on the weeks events at Bucks.

    That looked like a really great Mothers Day Dinner!

  2. There are few things better than a good spag and meatballs and garlic bread! Enjoy your extra sleep!

  3. what a lovely blog and fab pictures of you, you have been a dietitian for the same time as me I graduated in 2000, have a great weekend

  4. angiesappetite

    Linda – Thanks for stopping by! You are so good to get up and go running! At times, I like to do that too, but I’ve been so busy lately, sleeping in is awesome!

    Thanks, Kori!

    Thanks, Rebecca, for stopping by! I love reading other RD’s blogs- I’ll definitely keep reading!

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