Best Husband

I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and best friend…every day.

Today, he surprised me with these beautiful flowers at work…


This morning, I had a quick snack at my desk of fage 0% and honey…


Then, my Friday lunch is starting to be a repeat – our hospital’s cafe makes these yummy grilled chicken caesar salads with homemade croutons and everything…I mean, they are really good. This was a “half” salad…guess how much it cost?? $1.74 !!  That is crazy- what a great and inexpensive Friday lunch!


I spent a little time this afternoon looking through Intuitive Eating. I use this book in a lot of my classes and I’m using it for an upcoming class. I’ve probably read through it 10 times, but each time I gain some new insights. I’ll plan to discuss the idea of Intuitive Eating in a post this weekend, while it is fresh on my mind.


I did some quick grocery shopping (and Mother’s Day shopping) on my way home from work…I need to run and get freshened up….we’re taking Anthony’s dad and step-mom out to dinner tonight for Mother’s Day to this great Italian place…I’m so excited.

Hope you have a fun Friday evening!


2 responses to “Best Husband

  1. Wow-beautiful flowers and 3 cheers to your hubby for making your day/week 🙂
    Noticed the Pom juice along with your lunch-I love it!!

  2. Lucky girl- flowers from the husband and italian for dinner! Enjoy!

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