Breakfast + fiber

Good morning!

You know I have been loving pumpkin butter from TJ’s since my trip to Nashville last month….well since then, we have eaten not one, but two whole jars of pumpkin butter!

So, until our next Nashville trip, I found this pumpkin butter made by Dickinson’s at our regular grocery store…it isn’t as good as Trader Joe’s, but it is a decent substitute until our next Nashville trip- next time, I’ll know to really stock up!


Breakfast was two slices of double fiber bread, with crunchy almond butter and pumpkin butter…and of course, coffee with cream.


Speaking of double fiber bread, here’s a video segment from a local news show I did last year on fiber

Have a great Thursday!


4 responses to “Breakfast + fiber

  1. Angie-forgot to mention that thanks to you I searched for and found the double fiber bread at the local grocery store 🙂
    Just checked the video-wow,a celebrity dietitian!!! Loved your accent 🙂

    • angiesappetite

      Thanks Sweta! I never really loved my Southern US accent, but I’ve learned that it is what it is, so I might as well embrace it!

  2. gotta love TJ’s pumpkin butter! Great video, you’re too cute! When I visit my mom in NC, I love the southern accents 🙂


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