Honeybun cake??


I had never had this before…Whitney made it for our Nurses’ Day Celebration- and wow- it was good! I had this piece this morning, and then another small piece later this afternoon! If I get the recipe I’ll share it- it was so good, I know there must be lots of  butter and sugar….

Today was a calmer day around the office. My department handles diabetes education, weight loss surgery education, and weight loss programs in general…so, as you can guess, we are busy, busy, busy!

For lunch, I had a leftover turkey burger on whole wheat bun, and a salad from the hospital cafe…


Then, late this afternoon, I had some watermelon.


Now, I just got home from work, need to change and freshen up- I’m meeting some dietitian friends for a quick dinner at 6, and then Anthony and I have our weekly newlywed group at 7:30 – so I’ve got a busy but fun night ahead.

Have a good evening!


7 responses to “Honeybun cake??

  1. Newley wed group? I love that! Is it just a group of friends who have been recently married? I think that’s so neat. By the way, I agree about your thoughts on the Biggest Loser. Just like Oprah and Kirsty Alley’s weight loss, the weight loss on the biggest loser is so unrealistic and not at all what most people have to go through, it’s a tease!

    • angiesappetite

      It is a group with our church- We met with a pre-marriage group/class last year before we got married and it was valuable preparation, so this is an extension of that group. This is our 2nd week, so we’re really just figuring out the plans for the group, but I’ll continue to share.

  2. Hi Angie, do you think it would be possible to add rss feed to your blog. I have all my fav fitness/health blogs in a separate rss folder and I would love to add you there too 🙂

    • angiesappetite

      Hey Nabeela! Thanks for stopping by. Forgive my ignorance, but I’m a new blogger, and I don’t know exactly how to add rss feed….but let me work on figuring that out…I’ll definitely try!

  3. Have fun tonight and definitely share that recipe if you get your hands on it!

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