The Biggest Loser

So, have you been watching the Biggest Loser? I have mixed feelings about the show, but it was definitely inspiring to see Ron cross the marathon finish line tonight!

Let’s talk food first…I nibbled on this orange while preparing dinner…


Dinner was inspired by these turkey burgers that Anthony picked out at the grocery store- perfect for a busy night when you want something quick. They were already lightly seasoned and very yummy.


So, while Anthony mowed the lawn…I did some cleaning/straightening around the house, got 2 loads of laundry done…read some blogs…and started on dinner.

I gave our turkey burgers an Italian/Mediterranean twist – topped them with a little crumbled feta, a tomato slice, and some fresh basil from our herb garden…and served with oven baked fries. Delicious and simple.


So, what are your thoughts on the Biggest Loser? I love watching the show, but I have mixed feelings because for so many people struggling to lose weight, the lifestyle on the ranch is simply unattainable in real life. As we saw tonight, it can be very difficult for the contestants to find balance in real life. On the other hand, it is so inspiring to see these people dig down deep inside themselves and find the strength to achieve their goals. I loved the end of the marathon challenge tonight – what an accomplishment for each of them to finish in their own time.

Hope you’ve had a happy Tuesday….



One response to “The Biggest Loser

  1. Love Jennie-o products! They are a staple in my kitchen! Your baked fries look delish!

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