Hungry girl…

So….after my beautiful all-fruit breakfast…by 10 am, I HAD to have a snack…

Fage 0% with (one of my favorites toppings) honey….delicious…and the 15 grams of protein I missed at breakfast.


I also needed (wanted) a little more caffeine (sugar)…so I grabbed a tall white mocha around 11:30…


I loved the quote on this cup…I love quotes in general…I’ll have to remember to share some of my favorites.

Late lunch – leftover steak salad – yummy still…


I did a quick 30-minutes on the elliptical…and on my drive home, I was craving ice cream, but I settled for this… maybe ice cream later tonight…


Now I’m home and have a long list of things to accomplish tonight…

  • dinner
  • laundry x 2 or 3
  • dishes
  • dog baths (a daily occurrence lately with so much rain)
  • Biggest Loser

Have a great evening!


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