Breakfast inspired by Sharon

hpim1042Sharon eats the most beautiful fruit bowls…it is such a needed reminder to me to eat more fruit. This plate is one banana, watermelon chunks, and a half a nice red pear. I usually try to have protein with breakfast…so I’m curious to see how long this holds me over. However, since there is a decent amount of fiber in fruit, it should be quite filling.

Breakfast was inspired by her today (and by the way, wish Sharon well- she’s having her wisdom teeth extracted today).

Have a great day. Happy Cinco de Mayo!


5 responses to “Breakfast inspired by Sharon

  1. Lovely fruit platter! It looks delish!

  2. Yumm-my fave,a fruit bowl! It’s quite filling at first,but you may have to snack on a fruit sometime before lunch.I usually have it with some yogurt-that way I get my protein too 🙂

  3. angiesappetite

    Yes – it was delicious, and you’re right, Sweta, filling at first- but my stomach was growling by 10 am, so I had my fage greek yogurt with some honey….I loved starting the day with all those fruits, though!

  4. Looks amazing! I don’t think it would keep me full for more than an hour… maybe an hour and a half lol. How long did you end up lasting?

  5. angiesappetite

    Yep- by 2 hours later- I had to have a snack!

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