Rain, Rain, Rain….

All day…and for the last several days…but, on the bright side, the rain has brought us this…


Roses that we planted last year….


And our garden is growing like crazy. The tomatoes already have blossoms. These are tomatoes and peppers…


And, cantaloupe, cucumbers, and a couple more tomatoes…


After church today,  we did our quick weekly grocery shopping and then came home to use up some leftovers for lunch…I had leftover chicken fajita quesadilla from Friday night with some chips and salsa.


And, a couple hours later, as I was cutting up our watermelon, I had a fruit plate snack inspired by Sharon….


She has the most beautiful meals of fruits and veggies that look like art…good inspiration to us all to remember to eat our fruits and veggies!

I think the rain has stopped for a while, so we’re going to head out for a quick walk….have a good afternoon!


4 responses to “Rain, Rain, Rain….

  1. Beautiful roses you have there-can’t wait to see you use the tomatoes 🙂
    Ditto with the weather-rain,rain and more rain through week 😦

  2. What beautiful spring pictures! The chicken fajita quesadilla lots yummy too. Leftovers are great!

  3. angiesappetite

    Hey Ashley! Thanks for stopping by!

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