Snacks + Shakes

I so love being a dietitian, I so love helping people get healthier, I love seeing people change their lives…but sometimes, work is just hard, and this has been one of those days (weeks).  I never really intended to be a manager, a leader-and it is a learning experience every day!

Food has been scattered throughout my busy day. First I had a slice of cold leftover naan pizza at my desk – for some reason I love cold pizza!

Then, a little later,  some fresh fruit from a work meeting…


And, as I was driving between offices,  I was feeling a little hungry, so I picked up a smoothie- This one is one of my favorites, it’s called the Shredder- I like it because it is higher in protein – I get the chocolate with a banana added. It really hit the spot.


Tonight, we’re grabbing a quick dinner out and attending a “newlywed” small group with some friends from church. 

Enjoy your afternoon!


4 responses to “Snacks + Shakes

  1. What type of dietitian are you? Do you manage in foodservice?

    • angiesappetite

      Gina, I am the director of a Weight Management Center – it includes a diabetes management center, weight loss surgery, and a non-surgical weight loss program. I love what I do, but the details of managing can be difficult at times.

  2. I loved being a Dietitian too!! Our days were very hectic and somedays I’ve handled as many as 30 consults/day(I worked in a 750 bed hospital in B’lore,India),but I loved it!!
    Now,I’m a full time mommy to my 2 year old and love every minute of it 🙂 I’m keeping in touch with the subject thru my blog!

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