Toddlers to toes….

Good afternoon!

I started my day with a room full of 11 toddlers at church….wild morning, to say the least!

Then, Anthony and I went to lunch. The salad bar was just what I was craving. This was piled with mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, edamame, chickpeas, hard-cooked egg, green beans, and these yummy pumpernickel croutons! It was perfect….and a mango iced tea.


I also had two bites of Anthony’s avocado turkey burger.


Then, we went to get pedicures…yes, Anthony gets them too!


Where is the day going? How is it 3:30 already? Enjoy the rest of your afternoon!


2 responses to “Toddlers to toes….

  1. I am waiting for the finals to be done and then i’ll be getting a pedi for myself too!
    The salad looks so good, especially the pumpernickel croutons!

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