Garden Party

What a beautiful day! I can’t believe it is almost over.

This afternoon, Anthony and I worked in the yard…first I helped him patch some bare spots in the front yard (he did most of the work)…


The turquoise spots are a combo of mulch and seeds that I helped him with after he had roughed up the soil and added topsoil.

Then, we planted our veggies into the raised garden.

First, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and tomatoes (one is a yellow tomato variety)…


And, more tomatoes and peppers…


After we got cleaned up, we had some awesome fresh watermelon.


Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki marinade was my inspiration for dinner, along with Newman’s Own Sesame Ginger dressing…


Anthony grilled these delicious tuna steaks, marinated in the Soyaki sauce, with a baked sweet potato, and salad with sesame ginger dressing….Delicious!


I’m going to go savor the last few moments of the weekend…



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