Road trip

After breakfast this morning, we left home to drive about 2 hours to my sister’s house for a surprise birthday party for my mom. Shhh…..

So, we got to my sister’s around lunchtime, and picked up lunch from this great drive thru that is a landmark in our hometown, Pal’s. Definitely not the healthiest- but  a great occasional treat. Check out the Pal’s building…


I had what is called the “Big Chicken”- sliced chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and spicy mustard. It is my favorite! And their specialty is sweet tea – I had half sweet and half unsweet…


I also snagged a few of Anthony’s fries!

Here is my sweet niece, Emma Kate eating her peaches…


And, my newphew Owen was invited to an awesome birthday party at a neighbor’s…so we all walked over – the kids were having so much fun! I wanted to slide!




Anthony and Emma Kate watching the slide action.


Now, time to get ready for birthday party #2. Have a great afternoon!


2 responses to “Road trip

  1. awwww, your little niece is tooooooooo cute.

    i love birthdays! enjoy #2!

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