Happy Birthday Mom!

We have had such a fun day…just got home from our 2-hour drive and I can’t wait to get into bed.

We had a great evening with the family. Dinner was fabulous. Amy and Dave (my sister and brother-in-law) always prepare great meals. Dave is a great cook.

We started with really yummy bruschetta on whole grain baguette.


Dinner was barbequed chicken, baked beans, potato salad and coleslaw…and two different barbeque sauces for dipping….I love sauces.


Then, we played some baseball and golf outside with Owen.

Of course, there was cake…my favorite, chocolate.


With a little ice cream…


And, some Wii- here’s Owen playing Wii Fit soccer….so fun!


Happy Birthday, Mom! Love you!

Good night!


4 responses to “Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. Hey looks like a wonderful day. Wishing your Mom a very Happy birthday!

  2. quality time with the family 🙂

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