SEHFA and spaghetti

In just a few minutes, I’m heading to the SEHFA (Southeastern Hospital Fitness Association) conference for the rest of the afternoon. Our wellness center is sponsoring the conference this year – it lasts the rest of the week, and there are great speakers and topics ranging from “Advanced Concepts in Weight Management” to “Training to Recover from Bariatric Surgery” to “The Obesity Epidemic in America”….all great topics.

First, I had a quick lunch at my desk of leftover spaghetti and a Pom seltzer.


The Kashi U cereal really held me over well this morning. I brought a fage yogurt for a morning snack, but I really wasn’t hungry until lunchtime so it’s still sitting in the fridge for another day.

Hope you have a good afternoon….off to learn as much as I can….


4 responses to “SEHFA and spaghetti

  1. The topics for the conference are really interesting-has been a while since I attended a conference.
    The lunch sounds light enough to ensure you don’t zzzzzzzz your way thru the conference 😉

    • angiesappetite

      Thanks for stopping by, Sweta! Actually, you’re right – I sat through a 3-hour workshop with energy still left!

  2. Sounds great, hope you learn a lot and share your knowledge with us!

    • angiesappetite

      Thanks for stopping by, Priyanka!

      Today’s topic was Training after Bariatric Surgery- I’ve been working in the field of bariatrics for several years now, so I have a pretty good knowledge base, but one of the most important things I learned from the talk today is to remember to look at each patient/client as an individual and remember to always try to keep it positive – The speaker used a great phrase- ‘follow any negative comment with a positive one’, which I think is a great way to help motivate change. I’ll update tomorrow on all the great topics on tomorrow’s schedule!

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