Use it up

Woo hoo! I’m so happy to be home….it was a long work day today.

I taught a boot camp class this afternoon – we did squat jumps, pushups, tricep dips, plyo-lunges, jump rope, rows, upright side-to-side rows, bicep curls, Turkish get-ups, planks, and bicycle crunches….and some relay sprints!

Then, we had our weigh-ins for weight loss class. After that, I left and headed for home….one of my co-workers was actually teaching weight loss class tonight, so it meant a little earlier Monday night for me.

When I got home around 7:30- I was really hungry and Anthony had just the perfect snack waiting for me.


There’s a little place next to where Anthony gets his hair cut, Qdoba…I’ve only actually eaten a meal there once or twice, and it was good, but their guacamole is awesome. So, lucky me, when Anthony gets a haircut, if I’m lucky, I get some yummy guacamole. I snacked on a handful of chips and the guac while dinner cooked.

Dinner was simple with the goal of “using up” some leftovers from the weekend’s family dinner with his parents…we had corn, peas, and Anthony’s cast iron skillet cornbread left. So, I baked a couple of chicken breasts and a couple of sweet potatoes and we had a meal!


I made a salad too, but ended up having too much food- so the salad is in the fridge- probably for lunch tomorrow.

I hope you’ve had a good Monday…I’m off to watch 24 and hopefully be in bed shortly after 10. Goodnight!


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