In love with Fage

I so love Fage yogurt. I’ve always eaten yogurt and liked it before, but after eating greek yogurt, I can barely eat the regular stuff.

My morning snack at my desk…Fage 2% with TJ’s blueberry preserves.


And, check out how beautiful it is with the blueberry stirred in….


17 great-tasting grams of protein.

A couple of hours later, I had some leftover chicken tikka masala with a lime seltzer for lunch.


Looking forward to dinner with Anthony’s parents tonight…hope you have fun Friday night plans too!


3 responses to “In love with Fage

  1. Yum! I normally love Fage yogurt with honey, but that blueberry preserve looks very tasty too!

    • angiesappetite

      Thanks for stopping by! I agree- Fage with honey is great too. I also tried stirring in a little pumpkin butter – delicious!

  2. I’m like that with greek yogurt now too, so thick and creamy and chock full of protein! I love to mix lots of cinnamon in it and top it with cereal and fruit! Have a good weekend.


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