Chocolate for breakfast

This seems to be a theme for me. I definitely prefer a little sweetness in my breakfast and chocolate is the perfect ingredient. Something about a little sweetness goes so well with my very favorite breakfast ingredient – coffee!

Anthony brought me a great cup of hazelnut coffee with cream up to bed, and it was almost gone before I even walked downstairs.

I decided on oats today. I really like oats, but I haven’t completely fallen in love with them the way some bloggers have….maybe I need to learn some new oat cooking techniques.

I added some dark chocolate chips and a nice, melty spoonful of almond butter.


And, I’ll probably brew one more cup of hazelnut before I head out the door to work. Hope your day is great…more sunshine here! I love it!


One response to “Chocolate for breakfast

  1. I make a pot of Oats everyday for Josh, but I have yet to get attached myself! I do love making a baked oatmeal on the weekends and smearing it with nut butter! Love the choc, AB combo! All you need to add now is a banana and you have my fave culinary trifecta!

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