Chop once, cook twice

Tonight, Anthony and I both had projects to work on….he mowed the lawn, and I did some grocery shopping. So, dinner was simple and a little later than usual.

I started with onion, and green and red bell pepper.


I chopped the veggies to use in tonight’s dinner….and I’m also getting a head start on tomorrow’s dinner. Tonight, we kept it simple and used this Tikka Masala sauce that I found at Target –


I usually am not a huge fan of jarred sauces, but this one is really good. I sauteed some chicken breast along with the onions and peppers, added in the sauce and heated it through. We served it with some saffron rice and whole wheat naan….very spicy and good.


After dinner, I used the other half of the veggies to start a meatloaf for tomorrow. I’m been practicing my meatloaf and it seems to be getting better. Anthony’s parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow night, and having the meatloaf prepared in advance will make tomorrow afternoon’s preparation much smoother.

Good night!


2 responses to “Chop once, cook twice

  1. I love the chop once cook twice method! I must incorporate more of this into my cooking!

    Meatloaf is such a finicky thing to make- it’s overall prep is easy, but it’s all about the balance of the ingredients so it takes some fine tuning! Good luck!

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