My amazing husband

Well, my afternoon and evening continued to be busy, busy, busy.

Before boot camp, I had a couple of handfuls of Kashi U- I felt a little hungrier than usual all afternoon.


Boot camp was great as usual- we did sprints, squat jumps, plyo lunges, power squat and presses, plyo pushups, rows, bicep curls and quite a bit of ab work, (among other things!)…Whew!

After boot camp, we had the first class of a new weight loss program session. We had a great turnout and I’m excited to get started with a new class!

So, I didn’t get home till nearly 8:30, and I was tired and hungry. My sweet husband had this waiting for me…


And – all of this….






Greek salad, spinach ravioli with grilled chicken and marinara, and garlic bread with a spread of basil pesto. Delicious – it totally hit the spot!

Thank you, honey for such a delicious dinner. And, thanks to everyone for reading. Have a great night…24 -here I come!


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