Easter Brunch in Music City

Anthony and I had a great morning….visiting Michael’s very welcoming church, and then a delicious brunch BUFFET!

I talked about buffets last week and noted that, while I’m not usually a fan, there are 2 exceptions…

1. a nice brunch buffet

2. our favorite Indian buffet

Today fell into category #1. We visited a great place in Nashville, The Copper Kettle. Obviously a very popular place, as it was packed, and its my understanding you might even occasionally see a country music star there.

Check out this very full plate….


It included: eggs benedict, salmon, fresh fruit, tomato and mozzarella salad, spinach salad, cornbread salad, chicken stuffed with proscuitto, one maple sausage link, a fried goat cheese ball, and asparagus. Yum –  I had to taste a bit of everything.

Delicious coffee…


Anthony brought me a couple of bites of dessert on his plate.


A beautiful HUGE chocolate dipped strawberry and a bite of caramelly pastry…both were delicious.

Here was the view from the outdoor seating area….

Downtown Nashville


And, the Tennessee Titans Stadium…


So, not an everyday meal, but I still ate moderately…loved everything, and left satisfied, not stuffed.

Hope your Easter is great!


One response to “Easter Brunch in Music City

  1. Rodney Peterson

    This is the best meat
    and three in the country..the food is
    so wonderful tasting
    and the atmosphere is
    superb.. will visit every time we are near Granny White or downtown Nashville..

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