Road trip and snacks for lunch

Yeah!We’re in Nashville at Michael’s…about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Knoxville – not too bad at all. Here’s what kept me occupied in the car….


Nails….and this book that I just started…


Michael’s new condo looks so great and fresh and Spring-like.




Anthony and I get to sleep here.


For lunch, we had this great selection of snacks….sharp white cheddar, crackers, chips and salsa, pickles, hummus with veggies and Michael’s specialty “macaroni salad”….I had a little of everything.






We have a fun afternoon ahead – board games and Wii…and who knows what else?

Have a fun afternoon!


One response to “Road trip and snacks for lunch

  1. I just found your blog and am enjoying reading your posts. I am an RD as well (also have my CDE) I used to work with the gastric bypass program at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, but switched careers and am now doing pharmaceutical sales. Who knows, I may someday go back to the world of dietetics.

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