Thunder rolls…

Good morning!

Easy, quick breakfast – fiber one bar and hazelnut coffee with cream now – then, a Fage 2% greek yogurt for a snack when I get to my office…..


Carried in my “I Love Chocolate” lunch bag…


The thunder is rumbling outside as I type these words…

Everyone have a great Good Friday…off to work…


2 responses to “Thunder rolls…

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I know, isn’t it addicting?! I love perusing through the foodie blogs. What kind of exercise classes do you teach? I am currently going for my MS in exercise physiology, but am not quite sure what I would like to do with it. Something with sports nutrition, but I’d also LOVE to go to culinary school. Happy blogging!


    • angiesappetite

      There is so much potential opportunity in the nutrition field. I have taught aerobics since 1998 – everything from step aerobics to strength training to pilates. Right now, I teach a boot camp class and a sculpt/strength training class. I love it and it is a great complement to being an RD. The culinary route is a great idea – so good luck with either choice! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll continue to check out your blog!

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