Lunch meeting

Such a busy week- I’ve had some consultants in town working with us on our hospital’s weight loss surgery program, we’ve been very productive this week….just busier than usual.

We had a “wrap-up” meeting with our consultants and the whole surgery team at noon today and I ordered lunch for everyone – sandwiches, soup, fruit- so that was my lunch plan….well, long story short, I ended up being too busy to eat, except for this…


Luckily I had eaten the Fage 2% that I packed earlier, around 10:30 am. so I wasn’t starving.

I had a really late lunch when I got home- I wanted something easy and quick, so I had a leftover burger from last night on one of my favorite multi-grain english muffins.


Add a lime seltzer….


Sort of an unusual day of eating for me, but real life….Have a great afternoon!


2 responses to “Lunch meeting

  1. I wish I could find those english muffins! Enjoy your day!

  2. Used to happen to me a lot when I was working-we would counsel not less than 30 patients/day(back in India)!!
    Good to find so many R.D’s blogging-always great to know the views of dietitians around the world 🙂

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