Burgers and Body Step

After work tonight- I took a Body Step class – it is a great Les Mills step aerobics class – I used to teach step, but it has been a while, and I haven’t even attended a class in a long time, but it was a fun workout for a change.

Then, I shopped for groceries to get us stocked up for next week, since we’ll be out of town all weekend. So, I got home late and was tired and hungry.

I snacked on some grapefruit while dinner cooked.


 I was in the mood for burgers, and we’ve also been using a lot of naan lately, so I thought….let’s try a burger on naan. I also had these sweet potato fries that I wanted to try.


Anthony did the work…we also grilled some nice red onion slices.


Burgers on whole wheat naan, tomato, onion, sweet potato fries, and some awesome pesto on a little of the extra naan. Overall it turned out to be a delicious and quick meal.






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