Afternoon walk…

Hope you’re having a good afternoon.

This morning, after my Special K breakfast, as expected I was feeling hungry by 10 am – so I had this yummy Fage yogurt with Cherries. This is the Fage Total version, which means its higher in fat – I usually prefer Fage 2%, but last week all I could find was 0% and the Total – The Total tastes much better, but I’ll reserve it for special treats due to the higher fat content.


Then, at lunch – I really wanted to get out and get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. There’s a great greenway system right across the street, so I stopped by Subway and got a 6 inch Roast beef on honey oat with- provolone, spinach, tomato, onion,  green pepper, black olives, jalapenos, a little oil, and a lot of vinegar.  I sat outside and enjoyed my sandwich overlooking a little lake/pond….


Here was the view while I ate:


It was so nice to get out of the office for a few minutes, get some fresh air, and sunshine. Sometimes, I find myself eating lunch at my desk to save time. But, I felt so much better and was even more productive after my break. I even had time to walk a couple of laps around the 3/4 mile greenway loop for a total of 1 1/2 miles – I felt so much more energized to return to my work day. Try to remember to take time for yourself during the day for a little relaxation! I even saw these guys on my walk.


Enjoy the rest of your afternoon!


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