Snow… and dessert for breakfast

So, there is actually a dusting of snow on the ground this morning. Is this spring??

First, coffee with cream (and check out our cucumber and tomato seedlings in the background)



Yummy breakfast today- tasted more like dessert. Oats with dark chocolate chips and almond butter, and of course, coffee!


Have a great day! I’m running out the door to work…..


4 responses to “Snow… and dessert for breakfast

  1. we have a bit of snow too! so crazy!!

    I LOVE your cucumber and tomato seedlings….I tried to plant some but I planted them in a bigger container and didn’t follow the directions. I probably planted them way too deep! :-/ Yours look great!

    • angiesappetite

      Thanks so much! We planted the seeds just barely under the surface of the little peat pods…and then, we’ve had them sitting next to our Aerogrow herb garden, so they’ve had the benefit of the growing light. I’ve never grown a garden before, so this is a learning experience. I’ll keep posting how its going.

  2. Angie!! Amy’s Fla friend here. Love the blog! Where do you get almond butter? I have not seen that before, but it sounds amazing and you seem to use it a lot! Do you make it?

    • angiesappetite

      Hey Jeni! Thanks for reading! The easiest place to find almond butter is at a health food store, or a specialty grocery store, like Fresh Market, Earth Fare, or Whole Foods -they will have a selection. But, you can even find it now at some regular grocery stores, I can get it at Super Target – in the peanut butter section. Hope that helps! I think you’ll love almond butter!

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