Boot Camp and a chilly night…

This afternoon was our weekly boot camp class…

We did:
squat jumps,bentover rows, jump rope, plyometric lunges,power squat and overhead presses,
plyometric pushups,Turkish get-ups, and bicycle crunches…Just to name a few. Great workout.

Then, I taught the last session of our 12-week weight loss class. Several people had lost a really good amount of weight, and even more had lowered their body fat and increased their lean body mass. Overall a successful last session. New program starts next Monday night.

So, I got home late, and I was tired and hungry. Dinner was perfect for a cold, rainy night…chili – I like mine with salsa and a dollop of sour cream. Served with tortilla chips and a seltzer with a splash of OJ…great comfort food.


And, then, a few of these delicious, juicy strawberries that Anthony brought me.


And. Lenny looked so cute – he just had a bath- Anthony got this great shot.


Have a great night! I’m off to watch 24!


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