To buffet….or not?

Well, normally my answer to that question is “no”. I’m not a fan of buffets in general. However, I sometimes make an exception for…1. a nice brunch buffet, or 2. the yummiest Indian buffet. Today after church, we headed to this great restaurant, called TAJ. I love the warm, spicy aroma that greets you as soon as you walk in the door. And the cool thing about an Indian buffet is getting to sample a little bit of all the delicious options.

First, a salad with a cucumber yogurt dressing and some delicious! onion chutney…


Then, a delicious plate of butter chicken – a fragrant, spicy curried chicken dish….one piece of vegetable pakora – a yummy crunchy spinach, onion, and cauliflower appetizer that is breaded in chickpea flour and fried….Alu saag – spicy spinach and potatoes…and matar paneer – an Indian curry with green peas and paneer (and Indian cheese that tastes a little like tofu to me).


Fresh naan.


And finally, another favorite – mango ice cream with slivered almonds.


One key with buffets is to really listen to your body’s fullness signals. It is fine to sample a bit of all the foods you love, but try to stop when you are “comfortably satisfied”, not really full. I totally enjoyed my lunch. And now, I’m heading out to enjoy this beautiful sunny day! See you later!


2 responses to “To buffet….or not?

  1. So how do you make yourself stop eating at a buffet? I went to my favorite buffet for Sunday brunch and Dave and I ate till it hurt.. some of it is that you also want to get your money’s worth, right? But neither of us ate much for the rest of the day.. is that okay, just to have one BIG meal?

    • angiesappetite

      Great question, Amy. For the most part, I think people do try to get their money’s worth at buffets and end up going way overboard. Is it really getting our money’s worth to go home overly stuffed? I recommend looking at the value of the food measured in enjoyment, not volume. There are great Sunday brunch buffets that have some really great foods, and some not-so-great foods, so choose the things that you really love, eat them slowly, enjoy them, but stop when you feel comfortably satisfied. And, then, we leave our brunch buffet feeling like going out for a walk rather than straight to bed for a nap.

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