Good morning- work day ahead!

What a beautiful sunny morning! I LOVE sleeping in a little and it doesn’t happen much, so we stayed in bed until 9 this morning.

First thing…coffee. I love my Keurig brewer- it was a wedding gift and I love it and use it every day!

The great thing about the Keurig is the ease of making one quick cup. Anthony doesn’t drink coffee, but most mornings he quickly brews a cup for me in the Keurig and brings it to me in bed.

Breakfast this morning was eggs and toast. Some dietitians seem to subscribe to the idea that eggs are bad…I don’t believe that. Eggs can be good sources of vitamin E and omega 3 fats. I like Egglands’ Best…

The whole meal- scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast with all natural almond butter and blackberry jam…and of course, coffee!


Hopefully better photos to come, we’re charging Anthony’s camera, so I’ll try it out later today.

Now-on to the rest of our Saturday…we are doing something today that neither Anthony nor I have ever done…starting a garden. We’re actually planning to build a relatively small, above ground garden with the goal of growing tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and cantaloupe for our first year’s attempt. Any suggestions from you more experienced gardeners? We’d love ideas!

Here are some cucumber and tomato sprouts we started from seeds last Sunday…


Enjoy your Saturday morning!


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